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Boxbilling Anyone has any experienced with it ?
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Boxbilling Anyone has any experienced with it ?

I have been using boxbilling for 1 month now for provisioning free and paid hosting. So far I am satisfied with it.

I just want to know is there a Bad Side of it ?

And second question is about theming. I have no idea what language used in the template file.

The extension is phtml. It is definitely not php.

It has some syntax like {% block some commands here %}. Or to echo variable {{ variabel }}>

Anyone know what Language it used ? And how can I get all variable ? Something like the equivalent of get_defined_vars on php.


  • MSPNickMSPNick Member
    edited September 2017

    Is this still being developed?, last I heard the developers left

  • @MSPNick said:
    Is this still being developed?, last I heard the developers left

    In the forum somebody ask the same question to developer , they say , it is still being developed.

  • JohnRoeJohnRoe Member
    edited September 2017

    Boxbilling is dead. I wouldn't use them for any production.

  • Not according to the developers.

  • I trialed bb a while back and while it did everything I needed the lack of development etc put me off so went with blesta instead.

  • Yeah, I have a lifetime license for it, just because I wanted to see if it was worth it (keep in mind this was whilst it was still being worked on), and it was average. But due to the lack of updates for 2 years, i'd be wary using it now.

  • This kind of problem is very common in open source / free software. Usually the developer has more profitable things to do. Aside from the slow development update is there any problem that it suffer ?

    It's free and open source. You can't expect the same treatment as other paid solution.

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