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GBServers Ltd - UK Xen VPS 256MB £4.30 LowEnd Exclusive
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GBServers Ltd - UK Xen VPS 256MB £4.30 LowEnd Exclusive

GBServersLtdGBServersLtd Member
edited January 2012 in Offers

For over four years now, GBServers have been providing its clients with a powerful, reliable and secure virtual private server solution using the Xen platform.

All of our VPS are hosted on our own hardware in Bluesquare Datacentre, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK.

  • Swap for each VPS package is equivalent to the allocated RAM.
  • All servers are located on our own hardware in the Bluesquare Datacentre, Maidenhead, UK.- All VPS plans are unmanaged.
  • 2 FREE IP Addresses (1 IP included and another IP free when justification is provided).
  • 100Mbit internet connection.
  • SolusVM Panel.

What operating system can my VPS have?
We supply a number of Linux operating systems, a full list can be found on our website.

How long will it take for my VPS to be setup?
VPS setup is automated, your VPS will be setup after full payment of your first invoice.

What payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal, GoogleCheckout and Credit/Debit Card (via Nochex).

Test ping IP:
Test file:

Low End Box Exclusive Special
2 IP's (second IP provided with justification)
SolusVM Panel
Instant Setup

£4.30 Current exchange rate $6.75
Order Now

If you require further information about our company or the services that we offer, you can visit our website at or email our sales team at [email protected].

Please note: All billing and support for GBServers is processed through GBClients which handles billing and support for GBServers Ltd and sister brands.


  • You can oversell with xen.

  • @GBServersLtd - please check the Rules on Posting Offers. You should consider removing this thread, as you do not yet meet the eligibility to post an advertisement.

  • You can oversell but its not supported by default from SolusVM, and it is easy to see if this has been done by looking at the ballooning.

  • Regarding not meeting the "rules" I have updated the post with the exchange rate, the only thing I'm not sure is the amount of posts this account has, but can't see where that is stated.

  • You can't oversell ram. other things are possible to over sell though

  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited January 2012

    Ok, Aldryic today is very polite, but I am angry now and will spam

    @LowEndAdmin said: Members must have 5 posts and have registered for 7 days to be allowed to post in this forum.

    @LowEndAdmin said: Members must have 5 posts and have registered for 7 days to be allowed to post in this forum.

    @LowEndAdmin said: Members must have 5 posts and have registered for 7 days to be allowed to post in this forum.

    Learn to read

    Spammy? That posts just today, just useless spam.

    EDIT your post, empty it and get out. When you contribute to the community as some members do, maybe you will be welcome.

  • GBServersLtdGBServersLtd Member
    edited January 2012

    If you think the posts are SPAM, that's your opinion, some of those were advice to the poster. As said I wasn't sure if this account had any posts previously, as it has been registered since September. We have been using LowEndBox for a while, and since offers aren't getting posted at the moment I thought we should post on here.

    Regarding overselling, hard drive space is not oversold as LVM allocates the space on the hard drive, CPU can be oversold to a certain amount however we use the fair scheduler system, network and bandwidth again can be oversold but there would be a very noticeable performance difference. I have removed the overselling part from this post to clear things up a bit

  • Seems that you don't understand...

    I am out.

  • No I don't understand, the account has been registered for more than 7 days, and have more than 5 posts (even if most of those were made yesterday and you think they were spammy), there is no need to rude about the whole thing and pretty much destroy this post.

  • AldryicAldryic Member
    edited January 2012

    I believe he was pointing out that the 5 posts are required -before- the advertisement is posted. Typically, providers that make their first post an advertisement are frowned upon (like a deadbeat relative that only visits when they need money), while respecting the community standards and being an active, contributing member gives a far better impression.

    If it were me, I would've simply removed the advertisement, spent a few weeks in general conversation, and then rethought the advertisement post after establishing a presence. Just my professional opinion...

    Of course, the alternative is to simply submit offers for the LowEndBox site.

  • Ok thats fair enough, to be honest I wasn't sure if we already had 5 posts or not, as there wasn't a set figure like forums list, however I have obviously figured out it isn't I appreciate your view and will try to keep active in the community and hopefully future advertisements will get a better response.

  • NarutoNaruto Member
    edited January 2012

    @GBServersLtd doesn't seem like a spammer to me. He was politely informed by @Aldryic, then viciously attacked by @yomero. That's how I see it. Remember, all providers are here to converse AND make monies. Don't be a pain. Anyway, for the most part his stuff seems to check out for now. If anyone disagrees they are worse than Hitler and can eat poop.

  • @Aldryic said: while respecting the community standards and being an active, contributing member gives a far better impression

    No offense to LEA but I'm hoping the new owner rewrites the posting rules a bit.

    At the very least adds the word "legitimate" to the 5 post rule.

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