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[GINERNET] New 2014 levels starting 2 GB RAM @ 3.99€/month
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[GINERNET] New 2014 levels starting 2 GB RAM @ 3.99€/month

jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider

Dear LowEndTalk users,

in GinerNet we are creating a new template to renew our coorporate image after 1 year in the VPS market and we expect it will be launched on 1st October at the same time that we launch our 2014 VPS prices.

But, I want provide now for LET users that prices that will be by default on our new website.

LowEnd Server details:

DataCenter: Barcelona (España)

Virtualization: OpenVZ

Control panel: SolusVM

CPU: Xeon E5620 - 1 vCore x 1 Ghz

Memory: 3 GB (2 GB RAM DDR3 and 1 GB vSwap SSD)

Disk: 10 GB SSD

Switchport: 100 Mbps - DDos protected

Transfer: 250 GB/month

Backup-1: 2 snapshots from SolusVM (The client can run a full VPS backup and restore when you want) - Pending SolusVM centralbackup.php bugfix

Backup-2: Remote automated backups

TUN/TAP/PPP modules actives for VPN services.

PRICE: 3.99 €/month

Check more price options and ORDER


In GinerNet we are a accredited RIPE LIR member, thanks to this accreditation, we have a direct support class for network traffic control and IP addressing so that does not rely on third parties to provide services. Our Autonomous System is AS59432.

We have our own network and server architecture that stayed in our private racks with restricted access in our CPD of Barcelona (iDataGreen), where we have taken out a transit with a Huawei USG55XX DDos protected service, with direct connection to major ISPs in "Espanix" (Telefónica, ONO, Jazztel, Vodafone, Orange, Easynet, etc ...) and international (Cogent, NTT, Level3, Tinet, Colt, Init7, Savvis, etc ...) which gives us excellent worldwide visibility.

We provide our service using the most modern hardware technology using 3 servers in cluster (running OpenVZ inside KVM) + 1 server for backups + 1 server reserved as spare in case of HW crash.

I remain at your disposal to answer your questions in this thread or you can contact the support service to clear any questions you have. Do not forget that we are at your disposal every day of the year 24.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news

Best regards!!


  • damn, it's still 2013 here in the States

    Thanked by 2awson Epidrive
  • so they are not launched yet?

  • @texteditor 2013 in EU as well ;)

  • NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran
    edited August 2013

    AS59432 GINERNET Sociedad Limitada
    Prefixes Announced (v4): 0
    Prefixes Announced (v6): 0

    You can have your own ASN, but you aren't using it at all.

    Thanked by 1Amfy
  • DalCompDalComp Member
    edited August 2013

    @texteditor said:
    damn, it's still 2013 here in the States

    @BenND said:
    texteditor 2013 in EU as well ;)

    You guys are so outdated...

  • And commences the ragging. :P

  • jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider
    edited August 2013

    @texteditor yes, there are the princes that we will provide on 2014

    @MorningIris yes, you can order now, here

    @Nyr next month we will put UP our BGP

  • AmfyAmfy Member

    @jmginer said:
    Nyr next month we will put UP our BGP

    I'm sorry, but you're saying this every time you post here. "next month", "next month"...

    In the usual I don't take time and post public if I made bad experience with a provider, however, in your case... I'm really not happy with you as a provider, I'm sorry. I've never had that many downtimes with a provider. You always claim that you are having BGP issues (for weeks?!) - as you're not doing bgp on your own now (which means the DC isn't able to handle it) what is going to happen if you try to handle it?

  • jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider
  • AmfyAmfy Member
    edited August 2013

    @jmginer said:
    Amfy Here is your response:

    Sure, but even now I have problems accessing your page. However, the problems I talk about were between 1 July and now, but you already moved to the new DC before July?

  • jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider

    @Amfy, can you provide us a traceroute, we dont have any issue at this time. Also our pingdom monitoring shows UP.

  • NyrNyr Community Contributor, Veteran

    @jmginer hosting your website and client area outside your network would be a sensible thing to do given your recent history of big downtimes.

    Thanked by 1Amfy
  • AmfyAmfy Member

    @jmginer said:
    Amfy, can you provide us a traceroute, we dont have any issue at this time. Also our pingdom monitoring shows UP.

    It's interesting how differently you're acting here. I wanted to work with you to resolve this issue, wrote a support ticket a while ago, but you said something like "BGP issues" gave me a link of bgplay and "no more infos are provided" - do you think I'm motivated then to work with you on this issue?

  • to low bandwit, then to expensive bw :) so its is problem :)

  • jmginerjmginer Member, Patron Provider

    10€ per TB,
    I think expensive is not the correct word...

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