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Tips for Clients - Page 2
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Tips for Clients



  • I probably send a few too many no-reply replies. Down to folks mistakingly using my email address to sign up for things.

    Regularly get sent things like doctors appointments, mortgage details, bank details, e-tickets...etc...

    Ended up managing to create a filter that matched a fingerprint for the majority of those types of emails so they get a canned response saying "you've sent mail to the wrong user".

    Downside - almost all of them are going to no-reply mailboxes meaning my

    "A person has signed up using my account details incorrectly. I do not know you nor wish to use your service, please remove me from your database"

    Goes un-read 99% of the time.

    Wish more companies would use proper mailboxes instead of no-reply.

  • kiloservekiloserve Member
    edited February 2012

    @Aldryic said: 2) Maintain a respectful attitude. When you do interact with the company, be polite and courteous to the staff members.

    That's a good point. We try our very best to always be polite (it's our job).

    But if a client is abusive, we like to suggest and steer them towards finding another provider.

    Most companies that have been around for awhile won't lose any sleep over an "entitled" $7/month client going somewhere else.

    Much better than having to swallow an "entitled" client mouthing off all the time.

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