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$7 worldwide CDN offers from
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$7 worldwide CDN offers from

OnApp_TerryOnApp_Terry Member
edited August 2017 in Offers

Hi All,

Weather is terrible in London today, and we haven't run a special for a little while. Need something to brighten the day up! So, I've brought back the worldwide specials, with a few changes.

The worldwide plan comes with 15 locations, with the addition of Chicago, Delhi, Lviv, Sydney & Tel Aviv. Best news, the new locations come with just a $2 premium. For the USA & Europe plans, if we have multiple PoPs in the same city, the added PoPs are included for free.

The Details

  • Each plan comes with 1 TB of bandwidth.
  • Manage through HostBill or direct with OnApp.
  • Static resources only - no live streaming available.
  • Unlimited CDN zones can be created.
  • SSL supported - shared or you can provide your own

Worldwide CDN
19 Total PoPs, across 15 locations!
Amsterdam, Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Delhi, London, Lviv, Milan, Salt Lake City, Santa Clara, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tel Aviv
Price: $7 a month
Ready to order? Worldwide CDN

European CDN
12 Total PoPs, 8 cities
Amsterdam x2, Budapest, Frankfurt, Lviv x2, London x3, Milan, Paris, Sheffield
Price: $5 a month
Ready to order? European CDN

14 total PoPs, 8 cities
Ashburn x3, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas x2, Newark x2, Salt Lake City x2, Santa Clara x2, Seattle
Price: $5 a month
Ready to order? USA CDN

Why use a CDN?
A few reasons: better worldwide performance. Reduce resource consumption on your server. Reduce bandwidth usage on your server.

Do you have PoPs in China?
Yes, we do! You'll need to provide an ICP license, at which point we can create a custom plan including PoPs in China.

Where else do you have PoPs?
We use the OnApp federation for our infrastructure and have a little over 160 PoPs worldwide. Every continent but Antartica!

Do you do PAYG CDN?
Unfortunately no. We need to sell at a certain price to ensure the cost of support is covered. Likewise, a CDN is most effective when a site has steady traffic. If your site only has a small amount of traffic, I actually suggest focusing on optimizing the code, and images before implementing a CDN.

Any questions? Looking for a specific PoP? I'm flexible - Ping me: [email protected] or on livechat at

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