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help, i cant connect to my vps
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help, i cant connect to my vps

i enabled tun/tab in my cloudshards vps, when i tried connecting to my vps with putty i get the error: "network problem:connection refused". i then disabled tun/tap, but the problem persisted. what do you think is the problem? how can i fix this?


  • Contact the provider

    Thanked by 1eric1212
  • i have already done that but the reply from support was "Connection refused means the SSH daemon is not running, or you have a firewall blocking the SSH daemon..." but i can connect to other vps from other providers.

  • GunterGunter Member
    edited July 2013

    Do you have some kind of FTP/Webmin installed? Any alternative methods of access?

    Also, if you haven't already, have you restarted?

    If you have no alternative method to solve the issue, then you're probably going to need to reinstall.

  • i can use the console in the client area to log in through the browser.

  • erhwegesrgsrerhwegesrgsr Member
    edited July 2013
    service ssh start

    Some distros call it sshd instead of ssh. Connection refused means nothing is running on the port.

  • trexostrexos Member
    edited July 2013

    then try service ssh start

  • When you try logging in from the browser console can you ping out?

    It could also be a miss configured firewall, try

    service iptables stop

    In the browser console window

  • finally resolved this by reinstalling the os

  • alexalex Member


  • Reinstalling sets everything to defaults. However, you can run into the same problem again, so perhaps finding the reason, if you have time, is better approach.

  • @tvpscollector said:
    finally resolved this by reinstalling the os

    Same as giving away your diseased (not deceased) pet and buying a new one, instead of curing it. Meh

  • @tvpscollector said:
    finally resolved this by reinstalling the os

    GJ, reinstall is my favorite part of SolusVM.

  • @tvpscollector said:
    finally resolved this by reinstalling the os

    I think that post can be closed now ;)

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