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Requirement for Windows VPS/ Dedicated server
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Requirement for Windows VPS/ Dedicated server

arjunkingarjunking Member
edited July 2013 in Requests


I use the VPS to run CPU intensive programs.
My requirements are
5Ghz CPU
windows server 2003 standard edition , newer editions will also do
30 GB HDD (if SSD then better)
I will be using CPU to the fullest so I guess VDS or dedicated will be more suited but please let me know your recommendations

I have a requirement for 2 such VPS every day or a dedicated server every day so I will purchasing around 50 VPS or 25 Dedicated servers in the next 25 days

Currently I already have bought 19 VPS from different providers but I am facing issues which are

  1. ( bought 15 from then) - they shutdown 5 of my VPSs and didn't even inform about that. Realised 2 days later 5 of VPS were offline. Replies to support ticket is extremely slow. They take around 48 hours. Suspended one of my VPS for over use of CPU (which I doubt is possible in XEN virtualization and they had written 1Ghz CPU), to which I replied and their reply took 36 hrs and was asking me about the details of VPS which has been suspended. They have suspended it so shouldn't they know which one is it. Now again I will have to wait for hours to get a reply from them . Plan used - Budget Windows 1 Ghz - 512b RAM 8$ each

  2. (bought 2 from them) - The first was setup in 15 hours (claims instant activation) and second one is yet to be setup . So their setup speed is pretty slow but the first server was pretty fast. Plan used - W-VPS4 - 2 core ( 2.5 Mhz total) - 2Gb RAM 20$ each

  3. (bought 1 from them) - took 15 hours to setup ( claims instant activation) . Windows come without proper license and no automatic re-installation option from Solum so have to launch a ticket every time I want to re-install. Something wrong with their network as they blocking some data also. 29$/month for 4x intel xeon but I guess they are just lying about it.


  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Host Rep

    Are you bringing your own license or will you need that as well?

  • I will need the license.

  • awsonawson Member
    edited July 2013

    Is this for *coin mining?

  • arjunkingarjunking Member
    edited July 2013

    @awson said:
    Is this for *coin mining?

    something similar

  • ZettaZetta Member

    I'm sure that @marcm would be more than happy for you to use all the CPU you want.

  • vnetvnet Member

    Recommended to choose a dedicated server

  • I am fine with dedicated server. Please post your offers

  • We can possibly help with dedicated server. Please PM us for more details.

  • We offer a large gamme of dedicated server from $19.99 / mo ! tell us if we can help you

  • GunterGunter Member
    edited July 2013

    @WCloudHosting said:
    We offer a large gamme of dedicated server from $19.99 / mo ! tell us if we can help you

    This user is a Overpriced Ovh seller that serves no purpose on this forum apart from advertising his venture.

    Thanked by 1tux
  • @darknyan said:
    This user is a Overpriced Ovh seller that will likely have their servers revoked for being over the limit or for reselling.

    thanks for the warning
    And checked their prices, I can get the same ones far cheaper from ovh directly.

    I am getting i7 for 65$, so thinking of going with that. is the provider.

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