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Xen/KVM VPS Request
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Xen/KVM VPS Request

chaufferchauffer Member
edited July 2013 in Requests

Hello LET!
I'm looking for a Xen or KVM VPS in Europe; it should have about 1GB RAM, 20GBish HDD, 500GB+ bandwidth (if 1GB is too much, maybe even 512MB would do)
Thank you! :D


  • SpeedBusSpeedBus Member, Host Rep

    Frankfurt, Germany
    512 MB RAM
    20 GB HDD
    1 TB Bandwidth

    1 GB RAM
    10 GB HDD
    1 TB Bandwidth


  • I see 500GB on your page, though. I'll consider it, 10GB may or may not be enough, I'll wait if any other offers come my way.
    Thank you!

  • Ben1002Ben1002 Member
    edited July 2013

    4 Cores

    1024MB RAM

    50GB HDD

    1000GB BW @ 1Gbit

    1 IPv4



  • Well, that sure is more interesting than CrownCloud's
    actually, I'll take any US offers if there are, if I get better specs I would consider it

  • @BenND IPv6?

  • 3 Cores

    2048MB RAM

    20GB HDD

    1000GB BW @ 1Gbit

    1 IPv4



    Can restock it if you wish to order.

  • @chauffer Native in Germany, in LA you could HE tunnel it, can give you as many as you need within reason for Germany

  • chaufferchauffer Member
    edited July 2013

    @BenND I'd be interested in occasionally running a private minecraft or hl2 servers, could that be arranged?

    also, can I run an IRC bouncer/client on the server? CPU load? (nothing about that on the TOS, but I saw you don't allow minecraft servers)

  • @chauffer IRC bouncer and client is fine, as for private minecraft and hl2 servers are also fine. I really need to update the TOS

  • @BenND CPU, though, what do you consider too much?

  • @chauffer
    On our KVM plans you are looking at 1-1.5 core max CPU without any issues. Anything above that and we may freeze your VM and open a ticket with you.

  • @BenND got a German one, thank you!

  • OvzWebOvzWeb Member
    edited July 2013

    Server Location : EUROPE (FR)

    CPU : 2 vCores (2x 2.0 GHz+)

    RAM : 1 GB

    Disk space : 50 GB

    Bandwidth : 1 TB

    Network Speed : 100 Mbps

    Dedicated IPs : 1 IP

    Virtualisation : Xen

    Root access : Full

    Operating System : Linux , Windows Server 2008

    $15.99 USD Monthly

    $38.99 USD Quarterly

  • @OvzWeb well... ND does that at 1Gbps and double the CPU cores for 1/3rd of the price, even though it's KVM.

    @BenND - do I open a ticket to have IPv6 addresses?

  • Sorry about the late reply. Should be automatic. If its not just open a ticket

  • @BenND Opened a ticket for a rDNS also mentioning IPv6, almost 24 hours passed. #192668
    So far not good. :(

  • Hiya,

    Infinite Technologies can offer you exactly what you are looking for at an unbeatable price. All our servers are hosted in the state-of-the-art data facility in Haarlem, the Netherlands (near Amsterdam). We've been in continuous operation formore than 5-years!

    Plane Name: LEB Exclusive

    Virtualization: Xen (hence, all dedicated resources)

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5620

    CPU Cores: 2x 2.4 GHz

    Memory: 512 MB dedicated RAM (+ 512MB swap)

    Storage: 30 GB SAS 15,000 RPM

    Bandwidth: 100 Mbps Premium Network

    Data-Transfer: 500 GB per month

    Price: €5.30/m [order-now]

    Price: €5.00/m when paid quarterly upfront [order-now]

    Uptime Tracker (100% for 3+ years): HostTracker

    You will have root access to your virtual machine. You can manage your VPS using SolusVM control panel wherein you can set the reverse DNS for your IP address without needing to contact technical support. Although this offer is for an unmanaged solution, technical support is available 24/7 when required for minor assistance.

    Test Network:

    • Ping IP:

    • 100 MB test file:

    If you any questions, please email [email protected]

  • @InfiniteTech thank you for the deal! but half the RAM for the same price doesn't look to attractive as for now, I will consider that though if NodeDeploy fails me, hopefully @BenND can check the tickets.. someday..

  • @chauffer

    Everything is returning back to normal now. I was the only staff member available for two weeks as Bradley had gone away on holiday, and phil... I really dont know about.

  • well it'd be unfair if I didn't say @BenND helped me with all the problems I've had, thanks!

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