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Selling a prometeus BIZ XEN5
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Selling a prometeus BIZ XEN5

Service is good,no downtime for one month,but ping is too big to south China,BIZ XEN5,quarterly payment $15.96,due 2013/09/17,2 months left,will let it go for 9$,please pm me if you want.


  • IshaqIshaq Member


  • My blog is using Xen Biz 5, ping is about 222ms from Indonesia.
    How about yours?

  • 380ms from my location,about 200ms from west us,and 300 from east us

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran
    edited July 2013

    Indonesia is further than China perhaps your routing is a bit off since you have way more latency than Indonesia. 200 ms to west US is also high, it is about what we expect here from Italy and the distance would be much bigger.
    380 is about what Australia/NZ gives us...
    Open a ticket for a refund, please.

  • pcanpcan Member

    @Ishaq: The routing actually goes trough Los Angeles, this explains the high latency.

    @Maounique: I measure about 380 - 390 ms from a Beijing VPS I rented to investigate the slow loading time of our web site from China. The main issue seems to be low bandwith (30 - 50 kilobytes per second download speed from the VPS in China). This may be a temporary condition (a cable break, maybe?), because this issue has been reported to me only last week. I received no complaints from our customers in Australia, so high latency is not the main concern here.

  • Do a serverbear and post the results here. I bet the unixbench will be under 1000

  • There are 10 in stock at the moment for those who wants to pick up one at regular price:

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