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Request: 2GB KVM, 100GB HDD, Windows 2008 included
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Request: 2GB KVM, 100GB HDD, Windows 2008 included

awsonawson Member
edited July 2013 in Requests

Looking for a KVM (or even Hyper-V if anyone does that) with 2GB RAM, 100GB storage with at least 200GB bandwidth. Any location is fine with me.

I need Windows Server 2008 to be included in the price since I don't own a licence.

I don't expect to pay a low-end price, but I'd appreciate if someone could make a good deal for this. Thanks!


  • vnetvnet Member
    edited July 2013


    KVM 3 Cores/2G/90G/Unmetered/

    OS : Windows server 2008 R2

    Windows server 2003 R2

    Ubuntu Server 12.XX

    Location : Hong Kong

    Price:USD $30.00/Month

  • awsonawson Member

    @vnet said:

    KVM 3 Cores/2G/90G/Unmetered/

    OS : Windows server 2008 R2

    Windows server 2003 R2

    Ubuntu Server 12.XX

    Location : Hong Kong

    Price:USD $30.00/Month

    Not too sure about the location, but I'll consider it. Still looking for offers.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran
    edited July 2013

    We are no longer doing Windows for everyone, but for LET ppl, yes.
    I can offer what you need with 1 GB traffic for some 25 Eur, manual provisioning, just pm me to arrange details.

    Note: Proxmox control panel.

  • awsonawson Member

    @Maounique said:
    1 GB traffic

    Is that 1TB?

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    Yeah, sorry :P

  • DamianDamian Member

    If you can figure out a way to get a license, we can do this in either Buffalo or San Diego for $25/month. We don't offer Windows licenses otherwise, so we don't have a method to get a license for you.

  • RadiRadi Host Rep, Veteran

    @mdzareef said:


  • OvzWebOvzWeb Member

    CPU : 4 vCores (4x 2.0 GHz+)

    RAM : 4 GB

    Disk space : 200 GB

    Bandwidth : 2 TB

    Network Speed : 100 Mbps

    Dedicated IPs : 1 IP

    Virtualisation : Xen

    Root access : Full

    Operating System : Linux , Windows Server 2008

    Monthly Price : $59.99

    Quarterly Price : $143.99

    You can get Off 50% in 1st month using this code : OVZOFF50

    You can get Off 35% For Life Time Using this code : VPS35OFF

    Order Link [ ]

  • CoreyCorey Member

    @awson did you get my PM? :)

  • rskrsk Member, Patron Provider
    edited July 2013


    I can offer the following;

    2gb ram // 100gb hd raid 10 // 3TB bw // Atlanta, USA // KVM

    $20 without license (your own). $25 with license (we provide).


  • HoloshedHoloshed Member
    edited July 2013

    Here is what I can offer right now as a custom plan, if you would like to take advantage of this please send me a PM:

    • KVM - Windows Included
    • 2048M Guaranteed RAM
    • 100GB Flashcache/SSD RAID10
    • 2000GB Gigabit Transfer
    • 4 Shared CPU Cores
    • Windows Server OS 2008 R2 (Will make a custom re loadable template for you since I have Windows Server 2012 as default right now)

    • Location: Buffalo, NY

    • Price: 18.00 USD a month

    Network Test:

  • DewlanceVPSDewlanceVPS Member, Patron Provider

    @awson I can give you a $1/m discount on our Windows VPS plan.

    Hardware RAID 10 - 65GB HDD (Only 35GB is not provided by us, you can store other 35GB data on your local pc)

    RAM: 2GB

    Bandwidth: 2000GB (2TB)

    CPU Core: 5 vCPU

    Virtualization: XenHVM (Better then KVM for windows)

    price: Only $47/m

  • awsonawson Member

    I'm sorted, thread can be closed now :)

This discussion has been closed.