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Web Hosting| PHP Selector | FREE SSL FOR ALL WEBSITES| Softaculous

tranzmediatranzmedia Member
edited July 2017 in Shared Hosting Offers


Tranzmedia is a privately-owned company founded in year 2005 and located in India-Austria. Tranzmedia was born out of a creative passion for conceptualizing and transforming simple ideas into serious technology platforms. Over the years, Tranzmedia has rolled out more than 100 major web sites, dozens of web solutions and technology platforms for clients in India and abroad. At Tranzmedia, we consider every one of our customers to be a part of our family. Our goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. We are providing expert hosting solutions to thousands of our customers all over the world. Our customers trust us because we provide updated hosting solutions with dedicated customer services.

We help Startups We are there to help not only well-set businesses/organizations but also Startups. We know how every little thing counts for setting up business. This is where we come into picture. We give you unbeatable service so that your business runs smoothly.

Current Promotion : Web Development + Hosting for $75.S

Shared Hosting - Budget URL :

Hard Disk SSD RAID-10 - 1GB
Bandwidth - 10GB
Domains - 5
MySQL Database - 10
FTP - 5
Email Accounts - 100
Multi PHP Selector
Price: $3.99/month

Order :


Shared Hosting - Mega URL :

Hard Disk - 5GB
Bandwidth - 50GB
Domains - 10
MySQL Database - 50
FTP - 100
Email Accounts - 500
Multi PHP Selector
Price : $6/month

Order :



No over selling | All accounts are monitored to assure they have the correct amount of usage
Instantly Activated
Multiple PHP Versions; 5.5 5.6 7.0 7.1
DDoS Protected 
FREE Softaculous
FREE Backups
FREE Firewall 

FAQ: Q: Do you offer Softaculous? A: Yes, it is available.

Q: What is your average setup time? A: Instant Activation.

Q: How long have you been in business? A: Since 2005

Q: DC location? A: France

Q: Do you allow proxy sites? A: We allow private proxy sites. We do not permit public proxy sites.

Q: Can you assist transferring our existing data? A: Yes, in most cases we can transfer your existing data to your cPanel account from another provider for free.


  • tranzmedia said: Hard Disk SSD


  • @jetchirag said:

    tranzmedia said: Hard Disk SSD


    Case is like a hard disk
    But the engine is the SSD I think :)

  • jvnadrjvnadr Member
    edited July 2017

    It really pisses me off what some hosters advertise when they are really expensive for what they do offer...

    • FREE SSH: Any hoster is now offering free ssl with free let's encrypt... Is this something to advertise?

    • FREE SOFTACULOUS: Is there any CPanel hoster that does not offer free softaculous? Again, is this really something that can be advertised especially in e tech forum?

    • Multiple php versions: Nowadays, most CPanel providers in this price range do offer php selector, it is common in this panel...

    • France Location/DDoS protected: I assume this is OVH and their plain DDoS protection on their server, not anything fancy layer4/layer7 big protection. So, nothing special (OVH location is not something special, either).

    And the cost is 6$ per month for shared hosting with just 5GP space, 10 domains and very limited bandwidth (50GB) and 4$ for 1GB HDD? Really? Oh, my...


  • alsals Member

    Totally agree. It's a joke, really/ Bandwidth - 10GB for $3.99/month. You'd better take your business elsewhere.

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