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Budgetvm down since yesterday
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Budgetvm down since yesterday

I am using budgetvm , all LA Servers are down since yesterday, and there is no hope, they are asking that, its working it might be your home network issue, but no any country in the world which is able to load their sites.


  • You pay for what you get.
    P.S. Some VPSes in LA are back online few hours ago

  • this is not correct answer, chicagovps gives good service at similar cost... we do not pay for downtime.

  • @Dilstar said:
    this is not correct answer, chicagovps gives good service at similar cost... we do not pay for downtime.

    It may not be a correct answer to you, but the statement is true. You pay for what you get - if you want enterprise level service, pay for it. If you want the guarantee your server won't go down, pay for it.

    You also seem to forget that ChicagoVPS spent near a week offline on most nodes, so downtime happens to anybody, it just turns to how they handle the situation.

  • chicagovps down for a week :o oHh :o

  • Yes, they were victim of the solusvm exploit, and some of their nodes were quite messed up - which is why I said downtime can happen to any provider, you just need to look at how it's handled after the fact.

  • blackblack Member

    That was because they were hacked by 3rd party software they pay for. It could've happened to any host, so I wouldn't really put it on them.

  • after a 24 hour of downtime now they are saying that, there is no network issue, and sites are fine, but i dont know how they are saying this statement, even i can not access website through any online proxy... even cant ping over ip.

  • Perhaps ask them to try to connect to your VPS IP...

  • niceboyniceboy Veteran

    try to ping your ip.

  • bcrlsnbcrlsn Member

    As many providers in the past have said, this forum is not a help desk. Open a ticket on their site, if they don't help then open a thread here.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran

    It seems Chicago location is the best they have, I have, and had before, server there and it works well.

    However, BudgetVM is a low price, low quality provider, you cannot pay 1/4 of what you pay at Amazon and have better service, for example. Something's got to give if you want low price. If you need site up all the time, buy another LEB and replicate it there permanently and set up a dns scheme to failover in case something happens to the main machine.

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