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Hey, what happened to... (Disappearance of J-Solutions post from
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Hey, what happened to... (Disappearance of J-Solutions post from

justinbjustinb Member
edited August 2011 in General

wasn't there a post on j-solutions or some other thing? i forget what it was titled, but it was above 123com. didn't get a chance to read it, whatup


  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Host, Host Rep, Veteran

    it's quite possible LEB took the post down due to the amount of bad press the guy was getting :)

  • Is the first time that I see a deleted post

  • AsimAsim Member

    Its the first time I heard a post taken down

  • It's not the first time a post was taken down, and I don't take down posts myself because of bad press.

    All my withdrawn posts were requested by the providers, and I was contacted by Jonne to ask for the post to be taken down. After all he is just a kid... But I guess the message to all other low-end-provider-wannabes

    • DO NOT request your website to be featured when it's full of issues. You'll get hammered.
    • DO NOT lie in public. That Facebook profile is linked to the email address you use to register the domain. Don't say that it's someone else with the same name.
  • May i make the suggestion of leaving the post page up but with the content of the article as well as the comments removed and a note saying that the content has been removed?

    One of the reasons why I'm suggesting that is that wp now forwards visitors, if it can't find the missing article, to another post that it thinks is similar. I believe it bases that selection on tags but I've never looked at the code. (Outside of removing it. It causes a number of problems.)

    For example in this case, for all we know, folks trying to visit those URLs may wind up on another providers, say Fran's BuyVM and wondering why a name change has occurred also wondering why you're trying to cover things up.

    As to the lying in public, you'd have to get rid of about a third of your providers here if you held them to that standard.

  • I agree with Mike in the sense that some people needs a review of a company and you can't find even one in the whole web. This posts can be a good guideline.

  • Okay. I'll put the post back up today with some info removed to protect the minor.

  • LowEndAdmin said: Okay. I'll put the post back up today with some info removed to protect the minor.

    It's your site, you don't realy have to if you don't want to :)
    I was just merely curious because it's one of those double take things where something you were sure was there isn't anymore

  • Thanks. I thought it would be a good idea to be transparent over some of the decisions. The post was pulled because J-Solutions requested. A minor there with an actual Facebook profile so I thought I'll just hide the post. I should have edited out some of the details + some explanations when I have a chance.

  • I just want to know where these young folks get the cojones to start a business at 14.. I would have worried myself crazy. I'm 33 now and still worry about things way to much. I guess it's a non consequence world these days.

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited August 2011

    Age should not be an excuse! Kid or not, he tries to get real money from real people, and have them hope on reliability of his services. LEB is ultimately useful not only as a source of good deals, but also as a warning resource to point out shady providers to avoid. By all means, hide the personal details and whatnot, but by hiding the whole post where it was pointed out in comments that the guy is a liar and is using a nulled WHMCS and is ripping off other provider's ordering page, you are only helping him proceed to defraud customers.

  • Okay. I'll put the post back up today with some info removed to protect the minor.

    Just to clarify removing all of the post and sticking in a "This has been removed per a request of the provider" may also be an idea. (That's what I was trying to suggest. Excuse me if I wasn't clear.)

    Should even be able to change the url in fact. wp should forward although I'm not in a position to test that.

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