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Current best offers for KVM in western US? - Page 2
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Current best offers for KVM in western US?



  • KiowaKiowa Member

    @Microlinux said:
    So, basically you are looking for a dedicated server.

    No. I don't need that level of resources. 24/7 also isn't accurate, but I do need something like... Say 6 hours a day of CPU time at 100% for a core is OK.

    Of course... I might end up having to go dedicated, I realize that, I was just hoping there might be a VPS that would fit the bill. I don't need the level of resources a dedicated offers, VPS levels would be fine, I just need to be able to /use/ said resources. Though since I guess everything's oversold that might not really be possible.

    @GetKVM_Ash said:
    Essentially what you're asking for is an isolated section of a physical server, including CPU access This in my eyes should retail at around £30.00/month in Europe, a little less in the USA.

    Pretty much, yeah, that sounds about right. Which is exactly what a non-oversold VPS should be? If such a thing exists. And that budget's fine, if I could just fine a provider.

  • Basically like BlueVM's semi-dedicated, but they're out of stock.

  • talsittalsit Member

    Heck, why not contact @QPS. Q9550, 8GB, great network for about $40.

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  • qpsqps Member, Host Rep

    @talsit said:
    Heck, why not contact QPS. Q9550, 8GB, great network for about $40.

    Thanks for the mention. The Q9550 is only available in Atlanta. We do have L5420 servers in Las Vegas, if interested, but those start at $49.99. PM me for details if that will work.

  • Wholesale Internet has a random Core2Duo for $35/mo., though it's also not in the west coast.

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