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OneProvider: Network Cards?
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OneProvider: Network Cards?

Hi Folks,

I am currently with OneProvider and I have a server that has been provisioned with 2 x NICS.

I am running ESXI 6.5

When I log into the ESXi console and run the following command: esxcli network nic list I get the following output. See below

Name    PCI Device    Driver  Admin Status  Link Status  Speed  Duplex  MAC Address        
------  ------------  ------  ------------  -----------  -----  ------  ----------
vmnic0  0000:01:00.0  bnx2    Up            Up            1000  Full    78:2b:cb:00:2b:11  1500  
vmnic1  0000:01:00.1  bnx2    Up            Down             0  Half    78:2b:cb:00:2b:12  1500  

The Link Status of vmnic1 is showing as down.

Does this mean there is not physical cable going into the card in the back of the server? or is there a setting I need to be looking at to get the link up? I need to have this second nic active as I am trying to configure 'pfsense'

Any ideas?

Much appreciated


  • OneProvider is a reseller, so wich is specific configuration and location ?

    Thanked by 1clarity_64
  • Some servers have a shared ILO port, however you should just be able to create virtual nic’s / networks in eSXI for what you require.

  • rm_rm_ Member

    I assume you mean Paris location (

    2nd port on servers is used for RPN ("Real Private Network"), if yours has no link there, then most likely your server doesn't include the RPN feature.

    pfSense is a router distro, you need these exact two NICs why? To route between what and what, your Internet port, and the empty port with no cable plugged in?

    Thanked by 2JahAGR KillaKev
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