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30% Discount of Website Monitoring at StatusCake (Or Free Plans!)
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30% Discount of Website Monitoring at StatusCake (Or Free Plans!)

Howdy LET peeps,

It’s coming up to our first Birthday here at StatusCake (OK, about 14 days off, but hey!) and as a result we want to thank the huge support the members of this community have given StatusCake since we launched those many months ago! StatusCake for those who don’t know (and don’t worry we’re only partly offended that you don’t know us!) is a service uptime monitor – that is to say it will alert you if your website or service goes down.

We’re not some fly by night service – in fact we’ve got some huge clients (take a look at our homepage) but it’s not just the huge corporates that we want to help but rather the smaller guys and girls that have set in motion the thousands of changes StatusCake has made in the past year.

We’re fully integrated into the likes of Geckoboard, Pagerduty, Zapier, Pushover, Boxcar and more – so you can get alerts the way you want. Our paid plans start from £3.49 but with the coupon: BUBASU-LOW-END you can get 30% off for subscription life – but frankly give our free service a try and see why we’re shouting so loudly.

Cheers for the memories, and onto the next year!

(p.s. Although the rule is this section is for hosting only Liam gave his blessing to the last offer post I made about 5 months ago, so basing being able to post this of the back of that!)


  • I just signed up for a free plan and I like the interface so far. The dashboard has more options and it looks like you can monitor unlimited sites even at the free plan at 5m intervals. I like how many ways we can wake up the admin ;) Next integrate with WHMCS so we can create a support ticket automatically ;)

    Until when the discount coupon is valid btw?

    Let me add my aff url for those kind souls to make me richer ;)

  • RelipRelip Member

    Don't have any plans for supporting mobile browsers?

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