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Malwarebytes Support
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Malwarebytes Support

YmpkerYmpker Member
edited July 2017 in General

Does anyone know the avg. reply time of MWB Support? I contacted them on friday via their web form and I'm aware that it is weekend now but when do they reply on average? Or are they acctually staffed 24/7 / 365 because a malware software can be of critical importance? Anyway what my problem is/was with them is, and I'm saying that because back then some others here also got lifetime licenses in their sale, that it out of the sudden switches my already activated premium accounts back to free account. This has happened on both my laptop and my PC a couple of times. However as I use it exactly on 3 devices like the license implies (PC, Laptop, Wintablet) I'm fine I thought. I would simply re-enter my license ID and Key and it was showing premium again. I thought nothing of it and assumed it was some bug but atleast mwb remembered my device. However now it happened again that my PC switched to Mwb free and when I wanted to re-enter my license details this time it said "maximum device limit reached" and I could not get it to activate anymore which honestly sux as I'm really using it only on 2/3 (Laptop, Tablet) devices. The license was always showing "Expiring: Never" so shouldnt have been an issue with the "lifetime" aspect either. It is ridiculous because I even still have logs in which my license is stated as "Premium". So.. any ideas?


  • tl;dr ?

  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    edited July 2017

    @yokowasis said:
    tl;dr ?

    Mwbp lifetime license switched back to Free Version and wont let me re-activate it. Waiting for others to report the same problem or feedback on mwb support response time.

  • sinsin Member

    Just checked mine and it still shows Lifetime / Never Expires. I've never had any experiences with their support though, maybe they don't have certain support staff on the weekends + it's 4th of july soon

  • Same. My license remains active.

  • YmpkerYmpker Member

    Hmm..Thanks for the feedback anyway.

    Oh and just saw this: > Malwarebytes will have reduced staffing through July 5th 2017.

    Guess I need to wait^^

  • Good Luck. Lets hope the support can sort you out. I never bought any antivirus, heck. I don't install antivirus. My last defender is Windows Defender.

    @TheOnlyDK said:
    ..............happens after weeks/months/years. **You have been warned. **

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  • YmpkerYmpker Member

    So I also contacted ITFactory where I bought it and their reply was very fast and solid:

    Hi Nicolas,

    Thank you for contacting us. We're sorry about the issue you're having! This is a known bug with Malwarebytes and has caused many issues with lifetime licenses. The reason being is that the license only allows 3 activations, it doesn't necessarily recognize devices. So if you uninstall it and reinstall on the same PC, it will not recognize that it is the same PC and allow you to simply reactivate it.

    The proper way to reinstall it is to deactivate the license first in the my account section (so it removes 1 activation) and then once it has been reinstalled, it will allow you to activate the same license again with no issue. Because of the bug you were experiencing which made you had to renter the license multiple times, it probably took up your activation attempts and is now blocking you from using it again.

    We are going to contact Malwarebytes Support to escalate this with them and ask them if they can reset your license to bring it to 0 activations, so you will hopefully be able to start from scratch and reactivate them on each device successfully.

    I will submit a ticket with their Support and be in touch with you once I hear back. They only offer support through e-mail so it might take a day or two but hopefully not too long. If your Laptop and WinTablet get deactivated during the next two days, please do not be alarmed or try to reactivate until you receive confirmation that it has been done, just so there is no confusion and it does not block the key again.

    If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to ask!

    Best regards,

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