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IPv6 broker for getting static IP?
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IPv6 broker for getting static IP?

bluesegabluesega Member
edited June 2017 in Help

Hello there guys,

first off: I don't have good knownledge in IPv6-topics, only know basic things (like how they are assigned in a subnet, thanks to @ucxo for explaining again), but I hope this isn't a too large problem.

Now, my new provider doesn't support IPv6 yet, only handing me a v4 address. They want to offer it until the end of the year, but until, I'd like to still make my server available via v6 if this is possible in any way.

I thought that's usually the usage for an IPv6 tunnel broker, isn't it? Like, wanted to use HE's tunnel broker as they have DCs close (think even in the same DC....), but would this be possible for using the IPs they provide me to point my domain on? Or aren't they static?

What do I need for this? Do you have a link with an explanation probably? Or some extra hint, etc.? (I know there should be plenty of information on the net, but I can't find something for my fit :/)

Thank you in advance for helping me and have a nice day


  •'s tunnels work really great. You can use then and point domains to them etc.. just like you do with DC-assigned IPv4 Addresses.

    What you need to do is first setup the tunnel and assign the first IPv6 IP to your server, next you'll need to create secondary IPv6 Addresses (lots of tutorials on how to do that in CentOS, or just let cPanel deal with this for you).

  • tomletomle Member, LIR

    I can also recommend the HE IPv6 certification, good training and really increases your knowledge in IPv6. Free t-shirt is a bonus ;)

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  • HE/Tunnelbroker pretty much provides all commands in one go and you end up with an IP on the interface usable like any v4.

    These are static.

  • Okay then, thank you all very much, will try this, but doing the certification first :)

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