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Looking to review VPS servers - Page 2
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Looking to review VPS servers



  • Deathstarr did the review and used the VPS without a single problem. I just wanted to post a word about it saying some nice words that they did exactly as they said they would. Keep up the good work!

  • @Holoshed thanks And I enjoy this very much. Different systems do things different just like different OSs.

  • I'll let you use a VPS for a few hours

  • @terafire are you a company or just a user of a company.

  • I'm a company

  • krokro Member

    @Deathstarr Hell yeah I think its a great idea.

    I'll drop you a KVM in Kansas and XEN in New Zealand tomorrow (bed for me now though)
    Can check out our custom panel built from the ground up ^_^

    Get in their providers, can't see the harm really... So many being fearful over nothing !

  • DeathstarrDeathstarr Member
    edited July 2013

    @Terafire and @Kro I will PM you when I get back from Vacation on the 19th. I will not be doing any reviews or testing of VPS this week. I would love to give both of you a review on allaboutvps.

  • krokro Member

    @Deathstarr not a problem, enjoy that vacation you mentioned yeah? get off LET xD

  • meh I dont leave until tomorrow, I still have an 9 hour shift at work.

  • fapvpsfapvps Member

    I would like to offer a VPS for a review.

  • Will be postpone til after the 19th

  • I can vouch for @Deathstarr

    He has been a client for several years and an internet friend. He has never attempted to spam or abuse services.

  • jcalebjcaleb Member

    i might do this type of blog. will try to free up some time

  • @cnjeremy your hosting the blog lol and @jcaleb pm me if you have an idea or have a service

  • Yeah I saw you add the domain to the server.. :)

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