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Is this a secure way to store files while moving from S3 to B2?
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Is this a secure way to store files while moving from S3 to B2?

dwtbfdwtbf Member

I'm moving from s3 to B2 (backblaze), but at the same time need to accept consistent data, so I've setup this:

  1. User upload file, it's uploaded temporary on main container, then sent to a docker container, accessible in the mean time, then after 10 minutes it's sent to B2.

  2. When a user requests it, we download to another container temporarily, use whitelabelling to send user a download link

  3. When download, we delete from our container

  4. If a file from S3 is required, we download and instantly send to B2, and then download the file from the other S3 container locally, use same link technique

Is this a secure way to transfer data? Our old technique:

  1. User uploads

  2. We take content, post to S3 user uploads bucket

  3. Send whitelabelled link

We'll implement when we're done transfer of data but in mean time, is this a secure way so we don't impact performance too much?


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