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DMBHosting Offline???? - Page 8
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DMBHosting Offline????



  • u4iau4ia Member

    So at this point, how does one just cancel service with dmbhosting, or at least be sure that their info is not given to another provider?

  • @u4ia - I just PM'd @hirayamol requesting exactly that.

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  • DMBHosting is up again. Has anybody heard anything about what is happening to this company.

  • jhjh Member

    I spoke to Daimon recently. I think he's back :)

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  • @Boltersdriveer said: I'm starting to get sick of this phrase. If you advertise it, you jolly well deliver it.

    It is annoying when companies fail to deliver on promises, but you need to take some of the blame if you think everything advertised will be what you get. If you have chest pains after eating off the dollar menu at McDonalds, with all the other options out there, yeah I think sometimes you need to look at what you're getting rather than relying on what's advertised.

  • i am pretty curious what happened

  • @djvdorp said: i am pretty curious what happened

    Same here. I am still a dmb customer, and just received email to renew. I am unsatisfied that I have not received any customer notifications, and no updates here either. My invoice is due in a week, and I hope to hear something or I'll move to another provider. Even if all said is personal issues are taking priority over business, at least that communication will make me feel comfortable myself and other customers will not be completely abandoned. Communication is the key to maintaining any relationship, be it personal or professional.

  • My VPS has been running nicely for the last week. But again, the VPS, their website and VPS panel is down. I paid for 6 months in advance and I know that other customers are still getting monthly bills. Why are customers not getting any information, I would like to know one way or another whether this company is still in existence, then I can move on.

  • LESLES Member

    Move away! Social messages not updated for weeks:

  • @jtodd said: I spoke to Daimon recently. I think he's back :)

    what is the latest status?
    will Daimon back to manager dmbhosting? as above, the website(billing system) and solus down again.

    anyone come and give the final result of dmb? dead or sell or something else?

  • jhjh Member

    @yywudi said: as above, the website(billing system) and solus down again

    I migrated these to a new server the other day for him and am waiting for Daimon to update his NSs.

    Not sure about the other questions.

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