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After reinstallation server doesn't handle special keys anymore
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After reinstallation server doesn't handle special keys anymore

BigBlueBigBlue Member
edited June 2013 in Help

Hello LET,

I seem to have a weird problem after switching from Debian 6 to Debian 7 on my VPS.
I am able to successfully connect to it and execute commands, but special keys (i.e. DEL, Arrow-Up etc.) don't seem to work anymore, they just print their sequence (i.e. '^[ [A' for Arrow-Up).
Another thing 'broken' is the TAB-key for auto completion, which now simply inserts the TAB character.
This leaves me quite puzzled, as it appears to be a server problem, due to the problem being consistent in PuTTy, KiTTy and XShell 4.

Any tips and hints are appreciated.


EDIT: Might be relevant, 'echo $TERM' returns 'xterm', which is automatically selected by the SSH clients.

EDIT2: According to this, there might be something wrong with the shell. And indeed, this is the case, 'echo $0' returns '-sh'. However, using 'chsh -s /bin/bash' does not work as it's supposed to and 'echo $0' still returns '-sh'.

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