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Help with multiple CURL commands
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Help with multiple CURL commands

eKoeKo Member

Can someone help me out with a command like this:

curl --compressed -m 5 --retry 2 --retry-delay 2 --silent -H 'Accept-Encoding: ' --connect-timeout 5 -w '\t:\t%{time_total}\n' -o /dev/null > /home/url-list.txt

I would like to do a bash script, to run multiple urls at the same time from a txt file (like,,, etc) and save the results to a txt file.
Im asking if someone is good with bash and willing to help (I need to run that script with crontab).

p.s. I know 0 about bash...



  • risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

    I'm on mobile so I can't test said command... is it that you are trying to scrape urls from google? If so, google usually detects these searches as automated after you do a few page loads... have never tried to bypass the protection might need to factor in proxies to achieve the desired result.. this was when I tested it a few years back... not sure if google has changed since then

  • eKoeKo Member

    No, actually Im trying to get pageload of given urls from a txt file (in this case i put google as example domains) I need to monitor my own domains pageloads and save them every 1h into an other txt file (like results-date-hour.txt ?).

    a sample urls.txt can be:

    and a sample results.txt can be:

    # : 0.140 : 0.333 1.100

    Tested on Date Time



  • risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

    Gotcha, as soon as I get to a terminal, I will work on it for you as long as someone else doesn't beat me to it

  • IonSwitch_StanIonSwitch_Stan Member, Host Rep

    root@test-vps1 ~]# cat domains

    [root@test-vps1 ~]# cat domains | xargs -i curl --compressed -m 5 --retry 2 --retry-delay 2 --silent -H 'Accept-Encoding: ' --connect-timeout 5 -w '{}\t:\t%{time_total}\n' -o /dev/null https://{} >> log

    [root@test-vps1 ~]# cat log : 0.491 : 0.183 : 0.180

  • eKoeKo Member

    Hello Stan,
    I see you have done it pretty quickly, but can you please do instead of cat domains import the domains from a domains.txt ? and I presume if I change >> log with >> results.txt is the same?

    Can be done to add an timestamp on the footer of the results like: Date-Time ?
    I really appreciate your help guys!

  • ricardoricardo Member

    In his example, "domains" is the name of the input text file.

  • eKoeKo Member

    In domains.txt i use:

    the command is:

    rm -rf /home/results.txt && cat /home/domains.txt | xargs -i curl --compressed -m 5 --retry 2 --retry-delay 2 --silent -H 'Accept-Encoding: ' --connect-timeout 5 -w '{}\t:\t%{time_total}\n' -o /dev/null {} >> /home/results.txt

    the results.txt is:
        :   0.000    :   0.048

    o.O How is this possible?
    I need first to delete the old results.txt then create the new one, thats why the rm -rf ...

  • edited May 2017

    -o /dev/null sends the output into space.

    -w '{}\t:\t%{time_total}\n specifies what is being sent to stdout.

    >> /home/results.txt saves stdout to the results.txt file, which is why you're only seeing how long it took to download the page.

    As some general advice, read the man page before running any command posted on the Internet. One, it makes sure the command isn't malicious, and two, it makes sure you understand what is going on.

    man curl or

    Also, rm /home/results.txt will suffice since it's your file.

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