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OpenVPN frequently stops working
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OpenVPN frequently stops working

KirstenKirsten Member

I'm currently running an OpenVPN daemon on my DeepNetSolutions (Gestion DBI) OVH NAT server, but for some reason, I'm only able to connect to it for variable periods of 2 minutes to 30 minutes before the VPN stops routing traffic, and the only way I'm able to cause the VPN to work again is to reconnect within my client, only to have the same thing repeat itself minutes later. Occasionally, if I wait a few minutes, OpenVPN will be able to route traffic again.

It doesn't necessarily seem to be something wrong on GBDI's side, given that there's no issue with network connectivity from what I've seen. It's terribly frustrating though, since I can't seem to figure out what's causing it.

There is no error message, the client stays green and indicates "SUCCESS" throughout the entirety of it, and nothing particularly interesting in the logs. When my VPN craps out, I can still connect to the server via SSH without difficulty, it's just everything else that doesn't work. Reinstalling and running the Angristan OpenVPN script again doesn't particularly help, since the problem carries over.

Where should I start to diagnose this issue? It's incredibly perplexing.


  • Are you connecting to your OpenVPN service from China? The Chinese firewall is known to do that kinda stuff.

  • kendidkendid Veteran

    Try playing with your MTU settings?

  • KirstenKirsten Member

    CalCheung said: Are you connecting to your OpenVPN service from China? The Chinese firewall is known to do that kinda stuff.

    Nope. Connecting from North Ameirca.

    kendid said: Try playing with your MTU settings?

    I'll try that, thanks. Setting my MTU to 1450 didn't work, but I'll report back with lower MTus.

  • Increase the logging verbosity for a bit to get more info.

    Does this occur from one client location or multiple locations? Blocking because of DPI was my first thought, as well.

  • KirstenKirsten Member

    kendid said: Try playing with your MTU settings?

    To follow up, it had no effect. Went from 1470 MTU to 1200 MTU, and nothing has changed.

  • You could try using the OpenVPN access server as well to handle OpenVPN connections, which has always worked for me.

    Also set your DNS to from and, I've never had an issue with OVH's default DNS before but some providers like to change the default DNS to Google's.

    The download links for all distributions can be found here

    For CentOS for example you'd do

    yum localinstall openvpn-as-2.1.4-CentOS6.x86_64.rpm

    and then service openvpnas start

    also do passwd openvpn (password here) to set the password for the default openvpn user

  • KirstenKirsten Member

    Looks like this is an issue limited to the NAT VPS range, other hosts and plans seem to work just swell.

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