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OVH/SoYoustart CA vs FR?
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OVH/SoYoustart CA vs FR?

I've had a CA server with SoYouStart for awhile thinking about moving over to the new $35 one. I'm trying to device I want to move it to France this time around.

I know it matters where most of the traffic will come from, but my traffic comes from all over. Pretty much 50% from the USA and the other 50% is worldwide.

Several years ago OneProvider/ I had a bad experience with BW in France.

Anyone have a box in each location? Which do you find better?



  • MikeAMikeA Member, Patron Provider

    I have many in each, but I don't really see any problems for traffic across continents.. I can't speak for personal use but I have clients running game servers in Gravelines that have players throughout the U.S. and there's no complaints. If you want some tests done from that location just list.

  • HuntersPadHuntersPad Member
    edited May 2017

    Mostly it will be large downloads 1 to 2GB in size and always maxing out the 250Mbps limit 24/7 Wish I could find something in the same price range that was had a little more BW speed, but then I also need it to be unmetered/100TB.

    Simple basic Directory listing app and 1TB+ of files. Very simple (at the moment anyway)
    I know this is not a looking for a provider post but
    Pretty much need at least
    4GB ram
    2TB HD
    Unmetered/100TB BW
    350mbps or more bandwidth speed

    My only reason for staying with SYS is price, unmetered, and uptime.

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