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Looking for a reviewer
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Looking for a reviewer

TsumeTsume Member

Long story short. I'm looking for someone to review one of my services over a span of one week. Not a stress test by any means. Just an average everyday use review. If you're interested either reply here, or preferably private message me.


  • If it is software related I can more than likely do what you are asking if you want to send me details.

  • MikeInMikeIn Member

    Related to what?? VPS? or any thing else?

  • It is for this right?

    So I suppose it could be a VPS.

  • @Setsura : Looks a lot like

  • TsumeTsume Member
    edited June 2013

    Yeah. I've heard that before, reason being, it's a purchased theme from themeforest. So it's not too surprising you'd run across multiple places that has the same theme. It's what people who have no designing skills do. hah.

  • MikeInMikeIn Member

    You can send me the details, if you are still looking for someone :)

  • TsumeTsume Member

    I found someone, thanks though. I might need one for another service, so I'll keep that in mind.

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