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First world problem: Which one would you keep?
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First world problem: Which one would you keep?

I am trying to decide which server to keep and having trouble deciding. I am running Proxmox and the VMs will be used to run Wordpress sites, Ghost & Grav blogs and a remote Linux desktop (accessed via Teamviewer). If it were you, which would you keep?

Server 1: SoYouStart
250 Mbps Up/1GB down

Server 2: OVH
2x450GB NVMe
500 Mbps Up/1GB down

Server Quandary
  1. Which server would you keep?45 votes
    1. E5-1260v2/64GB/2x2TB SATA3/$55 per month
    2. E3-1270v6/32GB/2x450GB NVMe/$87 per month


  • If you are ok with the price and low storage capacity, the second configuration anyday.

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Patron Provider, Veteran

    nvme one, of course. Unless you really need the sata storage, which from the looks of it, you don't.

  • LunarLunar Member

    Isn't SYS 250 Mbps up/down? If so I'd go with server 2.

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited May 2017

    Cancel both and get 2-3 cheaper servers, from the 30 EUR SYS ones. Better redundancy, bandwidth, performance (with load balancing), more free IPs. Also you could get one with SSDs and the other with 2x2TB SATA, for different tasks.

  • @Lunar said:
    Isn't SYS 250 Mbps up/down? If so I'd go with server 2.

    No, 1Gbps for download and 250Mbps for upload.

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