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Python Web Server
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Python Web Server

VladorzVladorz Member

Hi, I would like to start developing a small python web application but I have no idea what web server to use for a production environment. I know that most python web frameworks come with a web server but I really don't think any of those are good for production. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with this. :)


  • awsonawson Member


  • @awson said:

    well, nginx is first on my list I just want to know if there are any better alternatives

  • trewqtrewq Administrator, Patron Provider

    Used in production by many.

  • nikcubnikcub Member

    nginx with gunicorn, uwsgi or flup behind it

    really need more information to make a better recommendation, which server gateway interface does your web application implement? WSGI is the most common.

  • Pure python, flask, perhaps?

  • flyfly Member

    nginx + uwsgi = win

  • @Wintereise said:
    Pure python, flask, perhaps?

    i was thinking of using the framework

    @nikcub said:
    nginx with gunicorn, uwsgi or flup behind it

    gunicorn looks good. does anyone else have any experience with it?

  • @fly said:
    nginx + uwsgi = win

    i researched this a little and this seems to be true according to... well all comparisons between gunicorn and wsgi. thx for the recommendation

  • nikcubnikcub Member

    @vladorz you can't go wrong with either gunicorn or uwsgi - both widely deployed and have a lot of documentation. just make sure you are serving static content directly from nginx rather than via the WSGI gateway (if you find docs/tutorials almost all of them will explain this point first)

  • nginx + uwgsi

  • mod_python and Apache.

  • BrianHarrisonBrianHarrison Member, Patron Provider

    A little old, but here are some benchmarks:

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