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/24 Subnet wanted!!
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/24 Subnet wanted!!

want to rent a residential subnet for website scraping. Thanks


  • WilliamWilliam Member

    who has a residential connection with a /24 with no SWIP and ISP info?

    You better get your wallet out and pay a shitload to Comcast or similar for colo, and that's still cheap then...

  • hzrhzr Member

    place i did work for had hosting at comcast, it was on AS53297 and most definitely nowhere close to a residential range

  • ElliotJElliotJ Member

    Eh, you're not going to get it.

    Ignoring the dubious legitimacy of what you'd be doing, your best bet would be, which uses Hola users as a kinda-legit-but-arguably-unethical botnet.

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  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    Tennis shoes

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  • GamerTech24GamerTech24 Member
    edited May 2017

    Comcast uses a bunch of different ASNs, my comcast connection is on AS33491 whereas someone in washington on them may be under a completely different ASN, they have tons of ASNs[search]=Comcast&commit=Search

  • YuraYura Member


  • hzrhzr Member
    edited May 2017

    ethancedrik said: someone in washington on them may be under a completely different ASN, they

    seattle -

    33650 on comcast home

    7922 on comcast business class in same address

    53297 on comcast hosting

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  • I feel like contacting Comcast and asking them if they'd provide me with colocation lol

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