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Remote security exploit in all 2008+ Intel platforms - Page 2
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Remote security exploit in all 2008+ Intel platforms



  • k0nsl said: I didn't think this was ‘news’. Hasn't this been widely known for a very, very long time?

    It was theorized that ME could be a source for backdoors but we didn't know for sure that there was an exploit. Now we know.

  • My laptop doesn't have vPro or AMT, ISM, and SBT so I'm good, and I don't expose it directly to the publicly routeable internet either.

  • rm_rm_ IPv6 Advocate, Veteran
    edited May 2017

    deadbeef said: AMD has too, see @_rm 's posts above.

    Abdussamad said: FYI AMD CPUs have a similar feature:

    Point is that pretty much only Ryzen does, which got released this year (and some low-end APUs). FX series (since 2011) does not.

    GenjiSwitchPls said: Other than gaming. Arma 2, can barely run of the 8320s 8350s ain't much better.

    Running the game your nickname comes from, in 4K with dual GTX970, no issue or slowdown whatsoever. Although I don't play every latest graphics-heavy game (prefer MMO titles, and those don't have a ton of h/w requirements), but for example GTA5 also runs fine.

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