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[HELP] Unusual request: Help with Proxmox problems! Urgent
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[HELP] Unusual request: Help with Proxmox problems! Urgent

fLoofLoo Member

Hey guys,

normally i wouldnt post this here but i feel kinda in need of a solution or atleast a hint where this problems may reside from:

Here is the original thread:

Proxmox with VMs (LXC works fine) spawn way too many threads and make CPU 100% on all cores = go nuts. This happens once someone does a lot IO inside the VM.

I've this problem with the default ISO and manual install. Tested on SATA-Raid, Softraid, and SSD-Hardraid, everywhere the same problems.

Can someone please check if you encounter the same?

Appreciated <3


  • Well have you tried with zfs?

  • fLoofLoo Member

    @PieNotEvenEaten said:
    Well have you tried with zfs?

    No and i dont want to. Libvirt+KVM works fine and when i want something to work i want it to work. If i'd use ZFS because of this would be the same if if i buy a Mercedes because i cant find a BMW right now (and i would never go for Mercedes!) :)

  • Do you ask Proxmox about the issue? What do they answer to your ticket?

  • IonSwitchIonSwitch Member, Host Rep

    Never heard of this before. Installed several Proxmox servers for clients, and none of them have complained either. What version of Proxmox are you on?

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