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Introducing Levarion: Billing/VPS/Dedi/Cloud Panel
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Introducing Levarion: Billing/VPS/Dedi/Cloud Panel

concerto49concerto49 Member
edited June 2013 in General

Levarion serves as a base panel for a set of different modules:

  • Billing / Support
  • VPS
  • Cloud
  • Web Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • DNS
  • Many more
  • Will have an API to enable adding 3rd party modules

The Billing, VPS and Dedicated Module will be built in-house as a replacement for some more commonly used panels around here.

We will be considering building other modules in-house or partnering with vendors.

Primary Features:

  • Java and MongoDB based. Clustering supported out of the box. No it does not hog memory. Verified and tested. Works on OpenVZ. Will be using a modified OpenJDK.
  • WHMCS / HostBill integration
  • cPanel integration
  • SmartOS based KVM - data deduplication (saves space), better resource management (bursting, throttling io/cpu, etc), fast provisioning, etc...
  • Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS OpenVZ
  • LXC (this will be primary)
  • Migration scripts (SolusVM, etc)
  • Proper support with proper SLAs
  • Theme and customization support
  • Proper IPv6 support
  • Proper GUI installer and error handling
  • Source code available on certain plans with NDA
  • Two factor auth

Currently the VPS module will be done first with more to come.

Screenshots and more information will follow. Beta will also follow.

Pricing for VPS portion:
$10/month per slave (slaves will not run a web server, but a direct network connection to the master)

If any provider wishes to sign up as a partner to help with specs, gain access to early features, better pricing etc, please contact.

Note: this didn't pop up as a result of the recent incidents. Has been in the planning for over a month.


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