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Configuring pfsense on ESXi on OVH Dedi
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Configuring pfsense on ESXi on OVH Dedi

I finally got a failover IP from OVH. I am now trying to assign it to my pfsense firewall built on my ESXi dedi.

I have the following setting set for my WAN interface and it doesn't appear to be working, any tips or pointers welcome!

Failover IP yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy
Dedi IP

Static IP yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy
I have generated a virtual mac in the OVH control panel which I have entered in the "spoof" address in pfsense
IP v4 Gateway

I still don't have a connection either in or out on the firewall.

What have I missed?

Thanks all.


  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep
    edited April 2017

    Was the pfsense wan facing interface mac address set to the same as the one in OVH Panel?

    Try disable all firewall rules in pfsense, by default it blocks everything in/out of WAN

    And remember to add a static route for your gw address to wan interface. Failover IP are /32, and cannot reach the default gw without static route

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  • Thanks vmhaus. I'd missed the static route! All sorted.

  • Ok, weirdly that worked for about 2 minutes and now it's not working again. Arrggggghhh

  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Did you try disabling the firewall? Any changes after it workerd for 2 mins?

  • I managed to rdp to a windows server I have built on the inside. So the pfsense firewall doesn't appear to be the issue. I might rebuild the pfsense box as I have made a lot of changes over the last couple of days to try and make it work.

    No, no changes after it started working. I have rebooted the firewall and added the static routes again and it still didn't work :(

  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    Try rebuilding, if you hit a brick wall, drop me a pm i would like to try explore and help.

  • Rebuild seems to have worked... Time will tell! Thank you for your help.

  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep

    You are welcome :)

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