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USA - cheap or free cellphone provider



  • jenkkijenkki Member
    edited May 2017

    Ole_Juul said: There are a number of shadow "operators" such as the NSA, and you pay for them through your taxes.

    Yeah, read about

    doghouch said: doghouch

    Just trying redirect you to the right way

  • williewillie Member

    IonSwitch_Nick said:

    That site is spammy but interesting. It hadn't occurred to me that mvno customers can get worse service in terms of (e.g.) bandwidth prioritization than the parent network's direct customers. But it's obvious once thought of. I used Virgin Mobile for a while though (Spring mvno) and it worked fine. I have a Mintsim card on order so will see how it goes. It seems like the big carriers have abandoned low-volume users.

  • why not try

    i use them.

  • williewillie Member

    yusufg90 said:

    That appears to be a voip host, not a mobile network.

  • @ljseals Best part is that we f*cked Sprint customers trying to come to Canada. We shut down our CDMA network completely, thus preventing anyone without our supported GSM bands to not have signal :D

  • @yusufg90 said:
    why not try

    i use them.

    They give UK numbers, not american

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