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OVH Dedicated Server
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OVH Dedicated Server

I am renting a dedi from OVH for a customer. I am running ESXi on the server, I only have one IP address at the moment and am unable to get any more from OVH at the moment. The IP is assigned to the management interface of the ESX box at the moment. Obviously I want this to change ASAP, I have built a firewall and intend to put the ESX management behind it. While this is well and good I have no idea how I am going to do the switch with one IP without losing control of the server.

Any one got any ideas?


  • pbgbenpbgben Member, Host Rep

    It works, I recall doing it before. But you should be able to order singular ip's from ovh?

  • It would be so much easier to do with 2 IPs to play with!

    Nope, according to support this morning on the phone (and trying to do it through the web interface) there aren't any left. :(

  • Hi,
    It looks like OVH has no more IPs "This action requires verification or cannot currently be validated. Please contact your local support team."

    Now, wait for monthly payment for additional IPs.

  • racksx said: Hi, It looks like OVH has no more IPs

    I would not be surprised.

  • I would be frustrated if I had a dedi with a firm like OVH (not cheap to the bottom servers, rather regular priced) that cannot deliver a single more ip for my needs. Even more when they are continuing selling new servers (vps and dedis) to new clients...
    On topic: Can't you use ipv6 to do the switch?

  • the bit that makes me the most cross is they sold me the dedicated server yesterday! Now I have a box that has the ESXi Management interface exposed to the internet... nice.

    Yeah that's the error I am getting too, they seemed fairly sure they were getting some more IPs "this week" but they are releasing the ones they have every couple of hours so to keep checking the site.

  • They have a pool for new servers etc and a pool for existing servers for the additional IPs. They are always having shortages for the existing pool so when it comes back in stock order as many you can.

  • michaels said: Any one got any ideas?

    I have 2 ESXi SYS servers with 1 IPv4 address and have 8 nated VPS on each.
    I can help you.

  • Well, I can order a /25 in BHS just fine ?

  • vmhausvmhaus Member, Top Host, Host Rep
    edited April 2017

    @michaels There are shortage of RIPE IPs. Its affecting their FR servers.

    Well you can put up a small pfsense VM in you ESXi, console to your dedi through OVH IPMI, mount the public IP to your pfsense VM and NAT it to the rest of you private range. This is more secured too comparing to putting your ESXi management to public.

    Im glad to help. PM me for more details.

  • racksxracksx Member
    edited May 2017

    IPs are back on the stock now.

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