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Looking for NL/DE/FR dedicated server with BGP
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Looking for NL/DE/FR dedicated server with BGP

kumarkumar Member


I am looking for a dedicated server (preferably E3) with ability to announce own IPs.
Do you have any recommendations ?

Thank you!


  • randvegetarandvegeta Member, Host Rep

    Why NL/FR/DE? Target audience in Central/Western Europe and you need sub 40ms latency in the area? Gaming Servers?

  • joerijoeri Member, Host Rep, LIR

    What is your budget?

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Patron Provider, Veteran

    We have DE and we can announce the IPs, however can not provide an actual BGP session yet.

  • jh_aurologicjh_aurologic Member, Patron Provider


    can do dedicated servers in DE (Frankfurt am Main) with BGP Sessions (v4+v6) and DDoS-Protection.

    What do you need exactly? :-)

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Patron Provider

    Any other requirements besides the location and CPU ? Budget perhaps ?
    Do you have your own ASN ?
    Are you open to nearby locations as well, like UK for example ?

  • We can do an E3 for you in Netherlands and you can announce your own IPs starting from 50 EUR per month. What are your requirements (i.e RAM/HDD/bandwidth) and budget?

  • randvegetarandvegeta Member, Host Rep

    Ahh well if you're willing to consider nearby locations, then I can do Lithuania with BGP. But that remains to be seen.

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