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Methodology for Finding Good/Solid Web Server?
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Methodology for Finding Good/Solid Web Server?

Hey guys,

I'm new here and I'm having a hard time sorting through all the VPS offers. I have a few centos builds under my belt and I'm looking for a nice, reliable VPS for a good price. Right now my requirements are pretty low - probably 1.5G ram and 30G disk and 1 core would be fine. I'm open to OpenVZ but I'd prefer Xen right now. My websites typically don't get a ton of traffic, but do get some.

How do you guys go about sorting through all the noise? So far I'm just paging through all the loads of offers and trying to read comments, but is there an easier way? Perhaps some way to filter out by a rating, known uptime, price, stats, or somesuch?

Thanks for your help to this n00b !


  • Almost every quarter year, there is a top provider poll. Look back to find the latest top provider poll, and get a VPS with one of the top 3.

  • Thank you so much!

  • vanarpvanarp Member


    Check out

  • @mikey_2816781 I look for simple web pages with chic layouts, green leafs, green colors, good deals and no site errors 404s

    I used to do this + compare deals until I found the absolute cheapest openvz package.

  • Don't forget to monitor your ip address for spam blacklists and general availability for a while before putting any production service on it.

  • @vanarp said:

    Check out

    +1 for serverbear. it certainly helps when you are more interested in finding a good solid provider rather than a big discount (although they do have a discount page too)

  • I'll generally pick out my specs and find out who can closely match them, then do a google search for reviews. I also see if the company posts over various forums and see what their responses are to customers or other people. That last part is usually the determining factor for me.

    This is for the important things like hosting my important sites or files. If it's just something to fool around with, I generally don't care as long as I get the price I want.

  • Great suggestions, guys. Thanks for your input!

  • asterisk14asterisk14 Banned
    edited June 2013

    Pay the least and expect(plan for) the worst when you are LEB'ing. At these prices you can buy two and still be quids in. You could even get a DO backup solution, that's what I have done. My snapshot is stored and I can bring it to life in 5 mins!

  • @mikey_2816781 said:

    I'm new here and I'm having a hard time sorting through all the VPS offers.

    Then it's good advice to stick with the top providers listing until you get familiar :)

    Right now my requirements are pretty low - probably 1.5G ram

    Personally I don't find that low at all. Remember that offers here are restricted to a maximum price of $7/month. Expecting excellent performance, reliability, and 1.5GB RAM at $7/month is (IMO) a stretch. Not saying it isn't possible...

    Do you really need 1.5 GB RAM? With a good server config, you can serve a lot of web content in 512MB. Lowering your specs opens up many more possibilities.

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