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What kind of backups would you like to see on your VPS plan?
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What kind of backups would you like to see on your VPS plan?

fapvpsfapvps Member
edited June 2013 in Help


  • bcrlsnbcrlsn Member

    I like making my own backup schedule. Really, ftp/rsync server would be best for backups for me.

  • We run weekly offsite backups and it's been working great so far.

  • just want manual backup before i make big changes

  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Host Rep

    Personally we do every 6 hours. A little overkill yes, though a lot can change in 6 hours

  • RaymiiRaymii Member

    Since all my stuff is in a configuration management framework like Chef or Ansible I don't need backups. But for other people I think once a day should be enough, when talking about provider backups.

  • @fapvps I would like just to be able to stop the OpenVZ container and download a zipped (or other format) archive of the virtual machine filesystem, when i need to. If it's Xen or other full virtualization platform then the same but with a gzipped dd image of the drive, that would be nice. The bandwidth spent on downloading backups could be added to the VPS used bandwidth if possible, and/or (a little bit less welcomed, but still nice) there could be a monthly limit of let's just say N backup downloads depending on the VPS plan bought.

  • LeeLee Veteran

    As others have said, I prefer to run with my own schedule so the backups take place at key points for me.

    But most importantly what I want is the ability to download my backup. First so that I know it was actually backed up and second so that I can quickly move on if something happens at that particular provider with speed and ease rather than having to rebuild everything from scratch.

  • MaouniqueMaounique Host Rep, Veteran
    edited June 2013

    I am glad most people like to make their own backups.

    I am sure that if we do instead, there will never be one customer happy, the schedule will always miss something important.

    This is why we thought to provide free ftp (and for biz plans even with http access) space for the customer to choose.
    Put up a tutorial or two about duply and duplicity. should be ok.

    For the most paranoid and most important data (which should not be on a LEB box, normally) we offer IDERA (formerly R1Soft) licenses and space, though not for free.

    If the customer still expects us to put back the data after a catastrophic failure (we had one), well, at times they might be lucky as we take some backups for internal recover purposes on some plans, but most servers have no back-up at all.

    We created the conditions for the customer to do it, if they don't, well, then the data is not important for them and can do with a fresh container.

  • DroidzoneDroidzone Member
    edited June 2013

    None really. I only require decent bandwidth. I can set up rsync/cron to my storage servers myself.

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