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So what to do with a druken text interface
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So what to do with a druken text interface

drmikedrmike Member
edited July 2011 in General


So, here I am sitting in Lynx looking at the v3 site. Well, it's accessable.

Anyone care to suggest something I can do to waste some time on my text only interface? Maybe I finally should install a MUD. Anyone suggest a half decent game to play?

Thanks drmike


  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I haven't played a MUD since high school... I miss them sooo much now. :(

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    On a side note, do you still need a laptop Mike? I have an old netbook but it's one of the first ones so it's only got a VIA C7 CPU and an 8.9" screen.

  • drmikedrmike Member

    Please. I'm sitting between a 12 pack a day smoker and a 90 year old man drooling over teenagers on Facebook. (And yes, he's sending them messages)

    Please drop me a note:

    I've had a couple of dot com's promise me one but still haven't heard anything back. They usually want to send me something top of the line which I don't feel comfortable walking around with with all the volunteerism that I do.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    E-mail sent. ;)

  • You shouldn't use lynx :) I found its HTML rendering inferior comparing to ELinks or w3m.

  • drmikedrmike Member

    shrug Just what I'm familiar with.

    Thanks though for the suggestions.

    Thanked by 1johnw7667
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