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minio behind Nginx
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minio behind Nginx

spammyspammy Member

I tried to install minio after seeing this post:

I also host other applications on the server so I was using minio.MyDomain as my domain name for minio.

The problem is every time I create a bucket, because the bucket will essentially be a subdomain entry that I will need to add to Nginx. On top of that my domain DNS is hosted on Cloudflare and hence every time I create a bucket I have to add the subdomain to Cloudflare as well.

Is that how everyone does this or there is just a smarter way of doing things that I am not aware of? Unfortunately Minio is so easy to set up it doesn't really have any documentation on the "proper" way to configure DNS afterwards.


  • deadbeefdeadbeef Member
    edited March 2017

    My buckets are like by default.

  • @deadbeef said:
    My buckets are like by default.

    Ah I think I configured the bucket URL incorrectly, I was using:

    host_bucket = %(bucket).minio.MYDOMAIN

    Changed it to and it seems to work.

  • k0nslk0nsl Member

    Why do you include minio in the URL? Any reason for it? I have it setup like this: subdomain.domain.tld/%(bucket).

  • @k0nsl Sorry to revive this thread but I was doing another configuration and forgot where I should change the configuration, could you let me know where I should change the configuration to get the URL scheme you have above?

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