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[NEED] VPS for testing a script
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[NEED] VPS for testing a script

trexostrexos Member
edited June 2013 in General


Is there anyone who would lend me his LowEndSpirit VPS (location doesn't matter) for around 10 minutes? I just have to test if the script is working on them (because of the NAT IPv4) and if it does, I will buy one. I just need max. 10mb space, one port and the external NAT IPv4 adress. If you know anything what I can give you in return, just say it :)

Thanks in advance! :)


  • SpiritSpirit Member

    Give me 5 minutes to reinstall box and I will PM you. Just don't cause any trouble for me, we don't want to anger @AnthonySmith - believe me.

  • trexostrexos Member

    Thank you! I need debian 6.0 64 bit if it's possible :)

  • SpiritSpirit Member

    Grrr..... another reinstall :) Do you have IPv6 access? Otherwise I need to change ssh port for external IP

  • trexostrexos Member

    Sorry :P Dont have ipv4 :(

  • SpiritSpirit Member
    edited June 2013

    Done. @trexos if you need thread to re-open let me know.

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