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cant offer un -metered/unlimited offering on WHT?
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cant offer un -metered/unlimited offering on WHT?

posted an offer on WHT with a un -metered/unlimited plan, but got my hand hit for doing so.
was told i could offer un -metered/unlimited plans OR a metered plan on a site with un -metered/unlimited plan as well.

how interesting, i guess the assume that un -metered/unlimited plan cant and dont work...


  • edited June 2013

    Yep, one of their many rules.

    I can see how it can be misleading (especially to inexperienced users who often think it really means unlimited). "Unmetered bandwidth" is one thing but "Unlimited" hd space/ram is quite another. It basically just keeps away the "Unlimited" everything shared hosting services.

  • I would recommend you become very familiar with their rules, ask questions before doing something, etc. because if you don't you will have a bad bad bad time on there.

  • krokro Member

    I'd just like to thank matt and doughmanes for nothing being blind.
    Thanks guys xD

  • nothing being blind, or even not being blind.
    sometimes we should only comment if its good.

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