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Byteblaze :: Blazing Fast SSD KVMs /w SAN Storage! & OnApp!
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Byteblaze :: Blazing Fast SSD KVMs /w SAN Storage! & OnApp!

NicTNicT Member

Howdy, Nic from Byteblaze here with a pretty unique offer on our new Virtual Servers,

A brief overview of our setup;

Doctor Cloud Pty Ltd - AS58896
Wowrack (Spectrum, Qwest, Hurricane Electric) ->
CNServers (DDoS Protection)

Ping / Traceroute : & 2607:f8f8:790::1

All of our nodes are connected at 1000Mbps, allowing for some blazing fast network speeds!

As a base we are using the following builds (Note they may change per location) Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 32GB DDR3 2x256GB Samsung 840 Pros

The Special
» CPU Cores : 1
» Memory : 512MB

» SSD Storage : 7GB
» SAN Storage : 15GB
» Backup Space : 7GB (5 Backups)

» Bandwidth : 500GB (@1000Mbps)
» IP Addresses : 1 IPv4 (IPv6 Ready - Currently Upgrading Links!)

» Located in Seattle, WA -> $7USD / Month | Order Now <-

Control Panel
We use the OnApp control panel to power our servers, and we are using KVM Virtualization! Get access to OnApps Load Balancing and Anycast DNS!

Operating Systems
We support a range of Linux Operating Systems (No Ubuntu 13.04 or Debian 7 yet!) We have plans for Windows very soon!

Feel free to checkout the site, here! and have a great day!


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