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Windows license question
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Windows license question

wilbowilbo Member

I installed Proxmox on a server and can now play around with Windows because of KVM. I have never used Windows on a server before so I know zip about Windows server. What I would like to do is have a Windows license that I can move my instance of Windows from server to server, container to container. I would be the only user, and it would only be installed in one location at a time. Also, what version of Windows would allow me to serve files and have a remote desktop that I can VNC in to?


  • wroxwrox Member
    edited May 2013

    About VNC: What about using the built-in RDP? It is available in most major versions (Server 2008, 7, Server 2012, 8) and works like a charm. You can activate this by simple means such as illustrated below, where Server 2012 is in use:


    This is the Server Manager which is included in both Server 2008 and '2012. You can easily enable the RDP from there by clicking the highlighted content.

    About serving files: What do you specifically mean by serving files? Running Nginx/Apache? SFTP/SSH? For SSH/SFTP, there should be a program called CopSSH (also another called FreeSSHd, not sure if it's the same) able to emulate OpenSSH for Windows which has worked great at times when it has been needed. It might have changed, though!
    This, including web servers such as Nginx/Apache should run fine on any earlier mentioned versions of Windows.


  • wilbowilbo Member

    How much is a license for Windows server 12?

  • wilbowilbo Member

    Oooh. just found a 180 day server2008 trial. This will do nicely.

  • Make sure to upgrade to and enable RDP 8.0 since it provides much improved performance.

  • wilbowilbo Member

    This RDP is great. I keep forgetting what computer I'm working on. I had to give the theme on the server a different color just so I could remember. There is absolutely no lag and it feels just like my local computer.

  • earlearl Member

    RDP is better than VNC since you can get sound on RDP! I use it to watch youtube while it does tend to lag a bit still ok overall

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