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Location, Location, Location
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Location, Location, Location

BigglesBiggles Member
edited January 2012 in General

I've been looking to pickup another VPS. This time I wanted to get one in the USA. I was browsing some offers and saw one I liked that was available in either Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles or Seattle. I don't know what datacentres these are in, but I do have test IPs of,, and respectively.

Any way to try and grade these?

I checked pings and I found Chicago to fastest at around 123 ms and Seattle the worst at around 180 ms, but I'm across the pond, so it's pretty subjective.

Which would you pick?


  • If your in Europe and looking for a US VPS, then anywhere on the East Coast is generally best.

    People watch Location,Location,Location?

  • I don't know what you're going to use your VPS for but if chicago's latency is the lowest I would take that one.

  • It looks like these are all Ubiquity IPs? Here's some info about their Chicago dc, which looks great:

  • @Biggles said: I've been looking to pickup another VPS. This time I wanted to get one in the USA.

    Holy crap, I never expected to see Biggles posting here. You were my childhood hero. I particularly loved your WWI escapades.

    Do you want this US VPS to provide good connectivity back to England, or do you want it to be well-connected throughout the US? If back-to-England, then a US east coast location is advisable (Seattle is west coast).

  • Tally Ho old boy!

    I'm not really fussed on connection back to the UK, a few ms doesn't make much of a difference. Obviously it's a plus, but I'm just curious as what other pros and cons there could be for any different region.

  • BenBen Member

    Chicago is pretty good all around for connectivity. Los Angeles can be better for Asia-pacific traffic. Dallas is pretty good too.

    I'd say you'd be fine with any of those 3 cities. I'd stay clear of Seattle.

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