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SSH Tunnel with different ips
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SSH Tunnel with different ips

harleqinharleqin Member
edited August 2011 in General

i got a lowendbox with 3 different ips.
Its XEN based and running debian lenny.
I want that if i connect to ip1 the ip i see on an ipcheck site is ip1,
if i connect to ip 2 the ip i see on a ipcheck site is IP2 and so on.
At the moment it doesnt matter which ip im connected to, every ipcheck site shows me ip1.

Maybe you can help me.


  • xprotoceptxprotocept Member
    edited August 2011

    One Question,

    Why do u want that?
    Maybe i can help you further

  • Hello,
    i use some webservices where multiaccounting is forbidden so me and my friends cant use these services while we are behind the ssh-proxy. If anyone of us use a different ip it works.

  • So you basically want 2 users connected to SSH with different IP example:

    You are connected to and your friend wants to connect to ?

  • harleqinharleqin Member
    edited August 2011

    and i want that i got as external ip and my friend
    for example.
    Just the external ip is the problem

  • I'm afraid that this is not possible, maybe buy a second VPS? they don't cost alot here

  • hello, any other solution than buying a new vps?

  • I'm afraid not

    But u can already get a good VPS from around $5

  • sure but for the extra ip i pay less than one dollar and vps in europe arent as cheap as they are in the usa

  • What is your budget?

  • doesnt matter, i dont want another box i just thought that someone got a solution for my problem

  • you could try fwmark.

  • Could be possible with both ssh & dropbear installed and listening on different ip's.

    Or use xinetd to run 2 instances of ssh, bound to different ip's, that's what I would try out if I wanted to do this.

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