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Payment methods
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Payment methods

ChristianChristian Member
edited January 2012 in General

Hi there,

I'm just curious which payment methods do you prefer during checkout at your VPS provider? Most of the time I use PayPal, but have no problems using Moneybookers/Skrill, AlertPay, Google Checkout or Liberty Reserve. I also own more credit cards(AMEX, VISA, MasterCard), but not confident using them on providers website. How about you?


  • JoelJoel Member
    edited January 2012


    I barely trust my card to them let alone multiple providers. All it takes is 1 disgruntled staff member to ruin a company, and my holidays.


    As a customer, I just want to make the payment. The processor doesn't really matter to me. Any requirement of signing up or creating yet another account just to have them run a card is jumping through hoops. I can live with having to create an account to place an order but yet some sites don;t require you to do even that any more.

    I just ordered the second volume of Questionable Content and it was very seamless. No account creation or verification of address or email. The site didn't remember me from me ordering the first volume but that's no biggie.

    Another webcomic uses a distributor that requires an account on their site as well as requires a Paypal verified account to make payment. I went right over to Amazon and picked up the book used.

    I feel bad about the second one and I'll probably drop the artist five bucks via their donation tin when I get the book in.

  • For most companies, I perfer PayPal. For BuyVM, I use my credit card.

  • We're offering alertpay, google checkout, and paypal, and so far no one has requested an alternate form of payment. I think if you carry at least those three, you'll get pretty much everyone.

    I personally use Paypal or Google Checkout. I despise using 2checkout, since I keep getting tagged for fraud, despite paying for the same products with the same card with the same mailing address every month.

  • Well, paypal is crossed for me with a big red X so I will have to decide between using a card or Google Checkout.

  • Out of those two, I'd recommend Google Checkout. All it takes is one unethical tech to do a DB dump of client info w/ CCs.

  • Well, paypal is crossed for me with a big red X so I will have to decide between using a card or Google Checkout.


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