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Windows Licensing
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Windows Licensing

Hey guys!

I need some help with how the windows licensing works... I just cannot understand.

So I have set up a dedicated server running multiple Windows VPSs on KVM (I have bots runnnig on them but nothing illegal). I have about 12 VPS and they are running the trial version currently and they will expire in 16 days.

I have read about SPLA licenses and all but I am unsure what exactly I need.

I would need to license my servers so I can use them for longer, but I am not sure what path to take.

Would be appreciated if anyone could help..!



  • Had you used Windows Server Datacenter on your main server, you could have created all the other VPS server in Hyper-V, and they had all got activated for free using AVMA keys.

    The way you have done it now, you have to get 12 Windows licenses. That will cost money. And in fact, Microsoft has strict rules against using licenses on production servers.

    The best way, legal, is to go for a Windows Volum License. But it's not free, or cheap.

    If you are running a company, you can apply for BizSpark. Licenses got from BizSpark can be used in production/hosting etc. I'm my self is using BizSpark licenses for all my servers.

  • @myhken Thanks for the answer, that does indeed look like an expensive path.

    I have gone through a few VPS providers website and I see they are able to offer windows licenses for a small fee (they are using KVM aswell). How are they offering that?
    I don't think it's really a license of Server 2008/2012, since it costs less than $25.

  • serverianserverian Member
    edited February 2017

    @myhken said:
    If you are running a company, you can apply for BizSpark. Licenses got from BizSpark can be used in production/hosting etc. I'm my self is using BizSpark licenses for all my servers.

    Are you sure?

    The BizSpark servers cannot be used where they don’t support an application the Startup developed. In other words, the BizSpark licenses don’t apply when the Startup

    • Offers the servers simply as a hosted platform(e.g. a SQL Server database)
    • Uses the servers as a platform for another company’s application, such as a CRM application from a third party

    I think BizSpark can only be used for stuff to actually develop something that would support the startup.

    Here's more info about the program: Program FAQ FINAL.PDF

    How long can Startups participate in Microsoft BizSpark?

    Startups can participate in the program for three years (renewed annually), unless it goes public, is acquired by a company that does not itself qualify for Microsoft BizSpark, or fails to abide by program terms and conditions.

    What happens after three years of participation in BizSpark?

    In addition to responsibility for the $100 program offering fee, Startups retain the perpetual licenses for the development and design tools. In order to continue to receive updates to the tools and the development platform, the Startup will need to renew their MSDN subscription. To continue to use the production licenses Startups may choose to take advantage of a licensing program like Microsoft’s Services Provider License Agreement program (or other Microsoft licensing programs that may be available at the time), but are in no way obligated to do so

  • there are experts here so here them out

    In my understanding if you purchase an DC license you can host as may windows VMS as you in that server with less than two physical processors. but you cannot sell them what needs SPLA agreement

  • @serverian a host actually contacted Microsoft some years ago about this, and the reply they got back was that I could use my license.
    They can have changed their EULA terms since that.
    I'm not using them to offer hosting, just run my own servers on there. And I use my licenses for my home computers and stuff like that. I know that I still can activate my licenses and that they are valid. Most likely in some borderline here...

  • @simonindia Thanks, I will try contacting a provider. Let's see what they have to say (hopefully they'll answer..).

    @mykhen I think the best bet will be to contact my provider and Microsoft..

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