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OpenLiteSpeed and Letsencrypt
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OpenLiteSpeed and Letsencrypt


I want to move one of my sites to OpenLiteSpeed and use Letsencrypt for SSL. I've read this tutorial and there is a mention that you need to free up the port 80 when you generate the certificate as well as when you update it.

That means I have to stop web server during the install and update process.

Is there a way to overcome this ?


  • You can also use acmetool to proxy the relevant .well-known/acme-challenge folder to port 402. That's how I'm using it in conjunction with nginx. The install docs say how you can configure that part for Apache, but that should work just as well for you since LS is a drop-in replacement.

  • I've been using OpenLitespeed for sometime on some of my sites and at least when using certbot ( I don't have to shutdown ols as I can just. I would expect the same to apply to the GitHub version of letsencrypt too, but not sure about it.

    After getting the certs and filling in the necessary certificate details in the OLS webadmin console, just reload the config and it should work (or restart ols via ssh).

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