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Need a office server
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Need a office server

Hello, I'm searching for a office server for the following tasks:

  1. DirectAdmin, heavily used MySQL.
  2. Git server
  3. Data transferring between different PC's

I've seen the followed HP server it seems interesting, the Dell PowerEdge T130.

Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5
RAM: DDR4 4 GB RAM 2133MhZ

It will cost me around 600EUR, anyone has another suggestion?


  • jhjh Member

    Check Dell Outlet. The T20 model can be had for less than that and some of them come with the same processor.

    Also check HP's cashback offers. The ML10 Gen9 can be had for about £120 minus £60 cashback - then add some more memory and a better CPU. You could do the same with the HP Microserver, which also has a cashback offer.

  • lurchlurch Member
    edited February 2017

    I have a couple of hp gen 8 microservers which I got for about £100 each after cashback (uk) it came with G1610T cpu but I upgraded to E3-E1220. As above the dell T20 and hp ML10 are supposed to be good as well.

  • edited February 2017

    Supermicro has some tower systems. ( You would just need to find a reseller.

    A couple of suggestions on the hardware:

    • Step up to 16GB+ of RAM with at least 2 DIMMs
    • Upgrade to the E3-1230 to get a 4C/8T proc
    • Max 4 disks in the T130 chassis

    Linux will cache IO in unused RAM, and more RAM will speed up IO operations. MySQL can also use the extra RAM as well.

    MySQL can make use of the extra virtual CPUs SMT provides.

    The max number of disk drives is going to 4, and Dell doesn't offer SSDs in this model. It might be worth stepping up to a T330 for more disks or to a T430 and only speccing 1 proc.

  • ServerWorlds, get something used/off lease from them. Sign up for their weekly emails.

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